Early last year many Canby residents were sold on the idea of the need for more “Affordable Housing” in Canby. On September 16th, 2015 the Canby City Council voted 4-3 to amend the city’s comprehensive plan and rezone 7.6 acres of land in the Pioneer Industrial Park for residential use, allowing a planned 166-unit apartment complex to be constructed at the front of the park, behind Fred Meyers. Mayor Brian Hodson cast the deciding vote with a major emphasis being placed on the need for affordable housing in Canby.

We were once again placated in January of last year when we read this in the Canby Herald “Plans for Canby Commons call for IDM to develop a condo-style apartment community with studios, and one-, two- and three-bedroom units. Rent is expected to range from $800 to $1,300 per month.”1

If you’ve driven by the 166-unit apartment complex at the front of the park, within the past week or so, you’ll notice the large banner stating “Applications now being accepted”. I recently saw this and out of curiosity decided to see exactly how much rent was going to be in our new affordable housing project. $1,195 - $1,695 respectively for 1-3 Bedroom units, is what I found. This is 23-30% higher than then idea we were sold.

As of December 2016, average apartment rent within the city of Canby, OR is $1218. 
One bedroom apartments in Canby rent for $963 a month on average and two bedroom apartment rents average $1174   I’d like to know how the new Canby Commons project qualifies as “affordable housing”.


“Lightning” Rod Adams


1  Canby Herald-Wednesday, 06 January 2016 | Written by Daniel Pearson 

2 www.RentJungle.com